Tuesday, 16 February 2010

"Envirotype" - Development

I am a very conceptual thinker so it was important for me to upload an example development sheet to portray how I solve problems, and ultimately get to my final concept.

Friday, 12 February 2010

"Persuade 3"

This was the outcome from the "persuade" project. Our task was to persuade one of our tutors to embrace new age culture. After alot of development and research I came to this as my outcome. I want to push this further, perhaps make two more posters so it becomes a series or a collection.

"Persuade 2"

Although just another developement sheet, this was so much fun to produce. It explodes off the page which gives it alot of character. I tried to experiment with just about anything I could find in college and at home. Some areas are flat graphics others are more 3D. This really gave me an insight into possible materials and essentially helped me reach the final piece.


Another developement sheet focusing solely on type in different medias and reliefs.


I wanted to find out about peoples deepest, darkest fears, things that make us really uncomfortable. I got everyone in my class to write down on a piece of paper their own fears. From that I placed them on an A3 layout. Realising the quotes were really just placed randomly I decided that to tie the whole project together they would be better suited in the letters F E A R - "fear". It still needs a few tweaks but its well on the way to being a strong final piece.


This is one of my development and experiment sheets from the project "rejuvenate". I always use alot of contextual referencing in my work, yes for inspiration but also for ideas, whats been done before, how has it been done? Consequently this is usually my springboard for ideas. It all takes off after heavy research.


Another life drawing. I love the boldness here, alot of my drawings are quite sculptural I like being able to make heavy lines without worrying too much about the outcome.